Tuesday, 26 February 2019

They Grow Up So Fast...

My amazing wife and 2 kids

About 2 weeks ago I celebrated my son's 4th birthday. Time certainly flies. It feels like just only yesterday that I was holding him in my arms as a small little newborn.

And life was never the same again. Feed me Daddy.

I took a trip down chess memory lane and found a game dedicated to him just before he was born in one of my older blog posts. I've decided to post it here again just for keepsake. Who knows? One day he might see this post and laugh at how bad his Dad was at chess.

So fast forward 2 years later and now James was born. And again, I look back at my archives and found a wonderful Tromposky game that I had played a few days right before I was born. And as it turns out, it was a pretty good game too. I'm still impressed by it.

Hey there little fellow! Thanks for joining me.

Who knows? Maybe one day they will grow up to like chess like I do and we can play some good games together. In any case, I'm happy to keep the memories of these games and my times spent with them.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Round 3 of SCL Feb: the heroic light squared bishop

I was pretty happy with my performance in this round but man, the colle zukertort remains a tough nut to crack as Black.

Fun fact: about 2 months ago I played against the same opponent (with the same colours, same opening) and back then,  it was also my light squared bishop who saved the day.