Tuesday, 26 March 2019

A long overdue post: 2018 in passing

Top Moments of 2018 (in no order of merit)

1. Seeing my 2nd son James taking his first steps (Now a walking screaming toddler, save me)
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
Nothing can stop me now!

2.Launching my first online website (and learning how hard it is to start an online business) but a lot of lessons learnt from that.
You can see the website here.

3. Organizing the first QCD-LKA masters Grandmaster invitational event, and seeing 2 of our top local players score master-level nominations. See tournament website here. Even better, the Strait Times Newspaper covered our humble event as well.

4. Driving up to Genting with my family. It was fun driving up and down the mountains.
Cable Car!

5. First ever holiday trip with my extended family (Taiwan)

Mountains and Hills. Ah.. Fresh air.

6. The 2018 Bangkok Chess Open. My first chess tournament where I actually went with friends and had a blast. Good memories of fighting chess and encouraging one another.

Special thanks to my wife who has supported all my endeavors. May we have more crazy adventures together.

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