Saturday, 10 August 2019

Happy 34th National Day

An attempt to get a good family picture on National day.

Today is Singapore's 34th year of Independence. I just thought I will re-post my I wrote on my Facebook wall today.

For 36 years, this is my country, my home. It ain't perfect but no place on earth really is.
I'm grateful for the stability/security it gave me during my childhood years. Although the education system was/still is challenging, it did form the basis of a work ethnic which fostered a sense of self learning and discipline even in my adult years. Even now as a working adult and father of 2, I do feel by and large that the government is trying its best to help those who have the desire to help themselves. No one owes us a living and if recent world events are anything, they remind me that nations are looking out only for themselves at the end of the day.
There will be many challenges in the road ahead on all fronts, from an individual/family level and also as a country. At this point, I don't envy the leaders of Singapore, they have to deal with some really difficult and pressing issues in the short term. Those who just sit back and complain and not offer anything constructive should try to run a country themselves and see how they fare. I've always believe the easiest thing in the world is to criticise and not get down and dirty doing the actual bit.
In any case, life goes on. Keep calm and do the best we can, as we have always done. 👍 As a Nation, we have come so far already.
Okay, enough with the musing. Time to sit back and enjoy the fireworks. Majulah Singapura! 🥳

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