Friday, 16 August 2019

One of my best games this year.

Heading into the 2nd round of August for Slow Chess League (or SCL for short), I was paired against my trainer and friend Indrek Reiland, who happens to be my trainer for the London System. The irony was that I was paired with the White pieces, so Indrek would literally be playing against his own lines. 

The game which transpired was super interesting for both of us and post mortem showed plenty of scope for improvements on both sides. Overall, the line still remains viable but Black has to play accurately not to get into the receiving end of a kingside attack, which was what happened in the game. 

I was most pleased with finding the plan of Bf4 g4 Qg5 h4-h5 but nearly could have spoilt the game late in the middlegame with 23.Nxg6?! 

Do enjoy the game dear readers! 

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