Saturday, 14 September 2019

Slow Chess League R2 Sept 2019: A lucky draw

Another night of Slow Chess, my favourite  

Back on the win of 4 straight games, I was eager to get my fifth victory and extend my winning streak. Alas, it was not meant to be. The game had turned out entirely different than I had hope. A quick exchange of queens in the opening lead to Black equalizing without difficulty. It didn't helped that I had prepped intensively against a specific line which I was sure that he would play but it was my opponent who deviated into another pet line of his correctly. I'm sure I was in his territory the whole way.

Anyway, here's the game as promised.

Lessons to learn here

1) Prepare but always be ready to deviate. Also it helps to learn a few opening possibilities as opposed to just 1 specific line
2) Trading queens in any chess game is often a major decision which changes the nature of the game. In this case, I should have never considered the line which led to the early queen exchange right out of the opening, damaging my practical changes for a win.
3) Don't be too quick to be discouraged. Even though I was definitely on the worst side of the endgame, I was still very close to equality most of the time. There will always be practical chances playing against another human..

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