Why, Hello! Thanks for coming! This blog represents mainly my attempt to get better at the game of Chess, certainly not an easy thing to do whilst raising 2 active boys (as seen here)

My Amazing Wife and Kids 

Here and there I will also blog about other things: such as Parenting Issues, Medicine (I'm a Family Physician by training) and Life. I happen to be a rather avid moviegoer, who knows I may decide to blog once in a while about movies which I would recommend watching. 

Chess-wise, my dream goal is to reach a FIDE Standard Rating of 2000 (the so-called Expert Rating), after which I will gladly 'retire' from chess. However, those who play chess know that one never leaves the game of chess once you have been bitten by the bug...=p 

A little about me: I first learnt the rules of chess when I was six years old after being taught by my Dad. I only became a little bit more interested after reading my first chess book when I was around 12-13 years old. I started getting serious about the game in my early twenties, even starting a chess club (now defunct) in my Uni days back in Ireland.  Currently, because of time limitations, I  play mainly online. These days I'm playing at Chess.com.

In any case, I hope this humble blog will be informative (chess-wise and life-wise) and entertaining.

Feel free to subscribe to my blog if you feel it is worth your while. I can be reached via email at mark@drchessdad.com